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Thinking About Your Pool? Think About New England Propane!

The weather is showing signs of warming up! So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if thoughts of swimming pools have started to pop into your head. We all know it’s coming – and it’s a great time to get your pool heater ready for it.


Luckily, New England Propane is here with our reliable pool heater service. You no longer have to wade slowly into frigid water. Get right to the swimming and relief of a comfortably warm pool!


Before requesting a service, here are few things you should take care of:


·         Make sure your pool pump and filter are running

·         Bring your pool water up to normal operating level

·         Turn on electricity to the pool equipment

·         Bring any pre-existing water pressure problems to our attention

·         Make sure there is propane in your tank


Once all of that is done, head over to our website to request your pool heater service.


And another thing to remember: New England Propane can also help with all of your propane fueling needs for the spring and summer. Call or contact us online to learn more about our propane services and more!