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Automatic Deliveries: What Your New Normal Means for Fuel Usage

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners have had to deal with a brand new normal, complete with working and learning virtually from home. Something that might be overlooked, however, is that when they first signed up for automatic propane deliveries, they were likely not in the middle of a pandemic.

What does this shift in normalcy have to do with your comfort? A lot!

As you and your families are spending more time at home, you’re relying more heavily on your propane-fueled appliances:

·    More space heating to stay warm throughout the day

·    More home-cooked meals using your gas-range or grill

·    More time outside sitting around the fire pit, using deck warmers and lighting

·    More showers, dishwashing and laundry using your propane-fueled water heater

If that sounds like your current situation, it’s crucial that you let New England Propane know things have changed at home! We want to keep your propane supply plentiful, and by letting us know that you’re using more fuel lately we’ll be able to adjust your delivery schedule to accommodate for the increase in usage.

Don’t wait! Automatic delivery customers should call right away if things have changed at any time during the pandemic, and will-call customers should make sure to check their fuel gauges frequently and to place an order for delivery when their tank reaches ¼ full. Also, consider signing up for automatic deliveries!

Contact us online today to give us an update, or to enroll in automatic propane deliveries.