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Don't Run Out of Propane this Winter

Have you made a plan to secure your propane for the winter? If not, there isn’t a better time to do so than right now. New England Propane is proud to offer automatic delivery of propane to all our customers. Automatic delivery is reliable, convenient, and sure to make your winter worry-free.

How Does Automatic Delivery Work?

New England Propane will first evaluate your past fuel usage to determine a custom delivery schedule. Then we will monitor your usage with an advanced computer system to adjust when your next delivery is based on the weather. When there is unseasonably warm winter weather, your delivery date could be pushed back until the next time you need propane. During cold winter stretches, your delivery date may be earlier than you anticipated. There is no need to check your fuel gauge and contact us to schedule a delivery. Our system is able to accurately predict the next time you will need propane.

Will-Call Delivery

If you prefer to monitor your fuel levels and schedule your deliveries, we also offer will-call delivery. Make sure to request your fuel before your tank is less than a quarter-full, so there is enough time for us to refill your tank before you run out of fuel. You can contact us over the phone, by email or from our site to schedule a delivery and be sure to provide your tank percentage when making the request.

Become an automatic delivery customer with New England Propane today! We are here to make your winter as easy as possible. Contact New England Propane with any questions about our propane services or automatic delivery.