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Fall Uses for Propane

The wonderful thing about propane gas is its ability to be used all year long – especially when the weather starts cooling down as much as it typically does during a Connecticut winter! Let’s celebrate the versatility of propane by taking a look at how easily the fuel transitions from spring and summer to fall and winter.

From Pool Heating to Home Heating

An important benefit from using propane is already having a well-stocked supply of fuel for your home heating needs since you’ve been keeping your tank full for your pool heating needs!

From Outdoor Cooking to Indoor Cooking

Now that it’s getting a little too cold outside for barbecues, propane-powered ranges can take those family gatherings inside for the same level of efficient cooking.

From Fire Pits to Fire Places

While a fire pit can provide an inviting place to relax during a spring evening, a fire place fueled by propane has the same impact inside the home!

Additionally, propane powers equipment that’s used all year long, such as clothes dryers and water heaters.

It’s especially easy to keep fueled up as you transition into the warmer months when you’re taking advantage of our automatic propane delivery service! Your supply stays full, and your household stays comfortable. Contact us today to enroll in automatic delivery if you haven’t already!