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How to Monitor Your Propane Fuel Levels or Shut Off Your Propane Tank

Reading a propane tank and monitoring its fuel level are important for scheduling timely propane deliveries. Even if you are an automatic delivery customer, it is smart to keep an eye on your fuel levels if temperatures are colder than normal or if you have more guests than usual. Under these circumstances, your home will have increased fuel usage, and checking your fuel supply can help ensure you don’t run out of fuel when you need it most. New England Propane provides a variety of propane-related services, including fuel deliveries and propane heating equipment maintenance, repairs, and installations.

How to Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

First, open the lid of the propane tank to reveal the gauge. The numbers on the gauge express how full the tank is as a percentage. It is important to note that propane expands and contracts as temperatures change, so propane tanks are usually filled to roughly 80% capacity. When the gauge reads 80, your tank is full. When the gauge reads 40, your tank is half-full. If your tank percentage is between 40% and 50%, you should notify New England Propane to schedule a propane delivery. If you ever run out of fuel, national safety code requires a qualified professional to inspect the system before it is turned back on.

How to Shut Off Your Propane Tank

Knowing how to shut off your propane tank is very important in the event of an emergency. If you smell gas and can safely access your propane tank, it is recommended that you shut it off. The most important step if you smell propane is to evacuate the area and dial 911 to alert the fire department of the situation. Only attempt to shut off the propane tank if you can access it safely; otherwise, allow the fire department to address the problem. To shut off the tank, open the lid of the tank to reveal the shut-off valve. Turn the valve to the right, or clockwise, to stop the flow of propane. If you have more than one propane tank, shut them all off in the same way. Keep in mind that when the gas has been turned off, national safety code requires that a professional test your propane system before turning it back on.

Even if you never have to shut off your propane tank, knowing what to do is important just in case an emergency were to occur. Monitoring your propane levels during the winter can help ensure you don’t run out of fuel and allow your heating system to remain functional. New England Propane is your go-to provider of propane-related services and is reliable for automatic and will-call propane deliveries. If you have any questions about propane safety or would like to become a New England Propane customer, contact us today.