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Peace of Mind With New England Propane

At New England Propane we deliver more than just propane – we also deliver peace of mind! How do we do it? By offering our customers a handful of services that help ensure they get the most from their propane-fueled equipment in a safe and reliable manner.


Some of these services include…


24-Hour Emergency Service


Even well-maintained equipment can hit a snag every now and then. That’s where our emergency service comes in! A sudden breakdown of your propane-fueled equipment – even outside of normal business hours – is not something you want to put up with. Not to worry! We’re always here for our customers.


GASCheck™ Safety Inspections


This program was developed by the National Propane Gas Association in order to ensure propane customers’ propane gas systems, including the storage tank and piping, are in proper condition to operate safely.


Leak Tests


Leak tests help protect your family from propane leaks. Additionally, any time your propane storage tank runs out of gas, a leak test is required in order to ensure the integrity of your propane system’s plumbing and piping isn’t compromised.


Remote Tank Monitoring


Speaking of running out of propane – our remote propane tank monitoring service eliminates that possibility! With a new tank install, we can install a remote propane tank monitoring system that is set up based on your household’s fueling needs.


Find your peace of mind with New England Propane’s automatic propane delivery service and other value-added services that we offer. Your safety is our priority! Call or contact us online today to learn more.