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Summertime Fun With the Help of Propane

With propane, the fun never has to end, even if the evening does! Being one of the most versatile energy sources on the market, propane can be used in a variety of appliances both inside your home and outside to extend your summer fun late into the night.


New England Propane is proud to deliver this clean energy source to our customers across Connecticut and New York and help you maximize your comfort inside and your summertime fun outside.


Outdoor Propane Applications Include:

·      Pool Heaters: Open your pool early and leave it open later with a propane-powered pool heater. We provide pool heaters of all types and sizes for in-ground and above-ground pools.

·      Patio Heaters: Nothing beats a cool night during a hot summer. But for nights when the cool turns to cold, patio heaters allow you to enjoy your outdoor space when there's a chill in the air.

·      Fire Pits: Star gaze with your family or tell spooky stories around your propane-powered fire pit. In addition to increased efficiency, propane is more environmentally friendly than natural gas.

·      Generators: Power outages are unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Your backup generator can hookup directly into your propane supply, so you are always prepared for the next blackout.


If you want to be the cool house on the block, propane is an easy way to get there! Call us at 203-792-7654 to schedule your propane service or delivery.