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Automatic Delivery Versus Will-Call Delivery

When you order from New England Propane, you have your choice of delivery methods. Do you prefer a hands-off approach with automatic delivery? Or would you rather order fuel on your own schedule? There’s no wrong choice, but we’re going to take a look at what makes automatic propane delivery more appealing to our customers!

With Automatic Delivery You…

  • Never have to call to schedule a delivery
  • Don’t have to monitor your fuel gauge
  • Don’t have to be home for each delivery
  • Are billed automatically

Meanwhile, With Will-Call Delivery You…

  • Must call several days in advance
  • Must periodically check the gauge
  • Have to wait at home for the delivery
  • Pay in person at the time of delivery

No matter what method of delivery you choose, you’re making the best decision for your family’s comfort this coming heating season. Not yet a New England Propane customer? There’s still time! Contact us online or call today to become a customer and keep your family warm with the power of propane.